As the site of Moules Redoubt - the first European settlement in the Waikato - and formerly Te Taraahi Pa, the site is steeped in local history. This historical significance is referenced in the building design through vertical stakes flanking the entry, mimicking early Maori and European fortification. 

A commercial office development built on a prominent Hamilton East site, the building was designed and built to a Greenstar 4 rating; collecting roof water, stored in a reflection pond and reused for grey water.  The building was built using sustainable materials and systems.

The building features an internal atrium to the centre of the building with a reflection pond on the 1st floor.  Generous glazing also affords extensive views of neighbouring trees, parkland, and the Waikato River.  Deck areas are positioned to maximise these views, enabling outdoor seating and maintaining a strong visual link with the natural environment. Immediate access to this environment - including the park and riverside walkway further supports healthy options.

The largely glazed building envelope will convey the open, transparent nature of the building and the organisation within it. It is this open and friendly yet progressive image that is typical of the aspirations of modern day Hamilton and the Waikato region in general.